New AUDIO | Billnass Ft Mbosso – Number one | Download

 New AUDIO | Billnass Ft Mbosso – Number one | Download

 New AUDIO | Billnass Ft Mbosso – Number one | Download

Bongo Flava sensation Billnass has captivated fans with the release of his latest love song, “Number One”. The track features the soulful vocals of Mbosso, creating a powerful duet about unwavering love.

New AUDIO | Billnass Ft Mbosso – Number one | Download

Number One” – A Love Ballad for the Ages

The song’s lyrics are a testament to the depth of the artists’ devotion. Billnass opens with “Honey nakupenda, yaani umenishika” (Honey I love you, you have captured me), setting the tone for an emotional journey. He promises eternal love, singing “Mama ntakupenda kesho, na ntakupenda today” (I will love you tomorrow, and I will love you today).

Mbosso’s verse adds a touch of possessiveness, reflecting the intensity of his feelings. “Mwenzako mimi na wivu na sitaki tushee” (I am jealous of your partner and I don’t want us to break up). Together, they proclaim their love as the ultimate priority – “Kwenye wengi wewe ndo number one, neema na baraka zitufike” (You are number one to me, may grace and blessings come to us).

About Billnass and Mbosso

Billnass, a rising star in Tanzanian rap, gained fame in 2019 with “Moyo Wangu.” His hits like “Sina Makosa,” “Tetema,” and “Nimefika” showcase his storytelling abilities and catchy melodies.

Mbosso is renowned for his soulful voice and romantic lyrics. He broke through in 2016 with “Hodari” and has continued to charm fans with songs like “Nimekuona,” “Watakwambia,” and “Yule.”

Listen to “Number One” and Experience the Magic

Number One” is a must-listen for fans of Bongo Flava and romantic songs alike. Stream the track now on all major music platforms and let the soulful melodies of Billnass and Mbosso wash over you.

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